ACWICT is a Kenya-based ICT for Development (ICT4D) Organization whose mission is to promote women’s and youths’ access to and knowledge of ICTs as tools for sustainable development.

What is Kazi Na Mentor

The first cohort of 887 young people trained by ACWICT under the Ajira Digital Program pass out

The program targeting young people ages 19 -29yrs, aims to introduce the participants to online work skills, and at the same time provide the tools, training and mentorship needed by the beneficiaries to earn sustainable income through online work. ACWICT an ICT for development organization is amongst the some of the few selected organizations supporting the program in terms of training. The organization has a wealth of experience in improving the youth’s employability prospects and income generating capacities especially through online work having successfully implemented similar programs with different partners before. ACWICT is expected to train at least 4600 youth people in a period of 4 weeks in both Nairobi and Nakuru Counties. Already the first cohort of youth have successfully completed training and most of the program beneficiaries are attesting that the training met their expectations and the skills earned will have a tremendous impact on their lives. Within the 5 day training, some of the participants have already tasted the fruit of online work with some making earnings of up to Ksh. 1,000 (USD 10) in just an hour of bidding



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